Applying for a Course

We are now able to accept on-line application forms for the courses. To apply for a course, simply go to the courses schedules page, and click on a suitable date. This will open up the online application form. Fill in the details required and click on Submit. Please ensure to answer all applicable questions fully. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

However, due to the problems and difficulties of communications in Myanmar, we are unable to send individual confirmation letter to your application. However, to help you with the visa application please send a blank email to [email protected]. You will then receive an email from the Centre’s email system confirming your acceptance on the course.

Consequently, it is the policy of Dhamma Joti and all other centres in Myanmar that any visiting foreign student be given a place to sit on a meditation course that he/she wishes to take part. Hence, several places are always reserved for foreign students on every course thoughout the year, except for Bhikku-only courses.

All Myanmar Embassies will issue a Visa to anyone wishing to attend a meditation course in Myanmar. Please take the confirmation email along with your visa application form to the embassy concerned.

At Dhamma Joti and Dhamma Mandapa centres, the instructions during the course are given in English and Burmese (or Hindi and Burmese at Dhamma Makuta) but the evening discourses are given in Burmese in the meditation hall. Discourses in other languages (such as English, German, Italian, Hebrew, Korean, Japanese, Chinese) are available for foreign students but they are only available at Dhamma Joti at the present time.